Scanner version 2

Allright, this time I’m not kidding.

I’m gonna go full DSLR, prelimenary research showed that the camera body (1100D, 600D) will not change much to the picture quality, the most important part is the optic, however high pixel count provide better texture and help photoscan match points.

Prime lens deliver much sharper pic than variable lens. <- Tested : not really true It’s seems impossible to have a face taking the whole field of view and a DOF of 10cm, therefore the camera body will have it’s importance here, having a higher pixel count is necessary because the face won’t take a big portion of the image.
Resolved : I can put the cameras further away and zoom, Different focal lenght does not alter the shape of the 3d model

Reaserch and devellopment :

Current costs :

  • canon 1100D with 18-55mm lens : 220€
  • 50mm prime lens : 70€

Ideas :

  • Get a 3d printer to make more precise part
  • get some High CRI led to see the difference on the skin
  • get 21 x 100W led to make a DIY flash system

Todo :

  • buy a 600D to see if there is a picture quality difference with the same subject/lighting/lens betwen the 600d and 1100d
  • sell a kidney
  • Sell the prime lens back
  • Impact of Image stabilisation

Done :

  • Comparaison of the 1100D with a old pentax DSLR and a P&S TZ40 -> TZ40 deliver shitty pics, the old pentax deliver similar quality than the 1100D (wasn’t expecting that)
  • Experiment about picture quality with the 1100D (with different lens) : no noticeable difference betwenn the 2 lenses
  • Impact of different focal lens
  • Impact of Image stabilisation

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