Those tips and tricks are only applicable to human face scans

▢ Impact of depth filtering during dense cloud construction

After several test it appears that agressive depth filtering is the best setting for human faces dense cloud reconstruction, use the image comparator below to see for yourself.

No depth filtering
Agressive depth filtering

agressive : less noisy.
moderate : bit noisy.
mild ; noisy, holes start to appear.
disabled : noisy, holes.

▢ Usefullness of cleaning sparse cloud for alignment optimisation

None, optimisation = worse result, more noise and more holes
Orientation changed a little bit

▢ impact of keypoint during algment

None, default value, 40000, is ok

▢ impact of mesh/cloud quality

This is really dependant of photo quality, with shitty pictures a low/medium dense cloud will gives better result than a high quality one.
Mesh quality mush always being set to highest.

▢ mesh with noise projection and good texture

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