Tz40, Pentax K100, Canon 1100D comparaison

So I got those 3 cameras, 1 P&S and 2 DSLR.


The TZ40 is making 18.9Mpix pics, ISO will be set a 100, F/8 (max)
The Pentax K100 is making 6Mpix pics, ISO will be set a 200 (minimum), F/11
The Canon 1100D is making 12Mpix pics, ISO will be set a 100, F/11

Focal length will be set a 55mm for each of them, shot will be done at the same distance with a tripod

First let’s compare the Canon (left) and the Pentax (right), clic to enlarge



The lower count of Mpix of the Pentax is noticeable, I was expecting an overall quality (sharpness, details) far worse from the Pentax, At first I wanted a full EOS 600D scanner, now I’m starting to think that even a « old age DSLR scanner » will give great result

Tz40 (left) VS pentax (right), clic to enlarge



Wow, I did not expected that at all, the TZ40 quality is really crappy!
There is some yellow stain all over the skin, it has 3 times more pixel than the pentax but we can see less details 😮
For a 350€ point and shoot I was expecting much more.

Download Original pictures clic here.

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