Photoscan : Impact of different focal length

I oftenly read that you must take every shot with the same focal length
Since I got my canon 1100D with a 18-55mm so let’s make an experiment.

I’m going to make 2 scan of Adriano, one where the focal length will be fixed at 18mm and one where I will be changing the focal for each shot.
The point here is not to get a good scan but to see if there is an alteration of the shape, so I won’t take a lot of pics and the lighting will be crappy

Pictures parameters :
Tv speed : 1/2, Av speed : F11, ISO speed : 100
Tripod used, no image stabilisation, mirror lock, 2 sec timer

18 mm pics :

Variable Focal length pics :

Results :
pretty similar

Pretty similar, let’s get a closer look :

Fixed focale length
Variable focale length
Fixed focale length
Variable focale length

For me there is no difference, we can see some small discrepency but this is probably due to the scaling/alignment process which was done quite quickly.

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