Canon 1100D : Kit 18-55 lens Vs 50mm prime lens

Allright, so prime lens are suposed to give « much sharper images » let’s verify this, I’m goin to take 2 pics, one with each lens, at the same distance, with the same parameter/lighting.

Left : prime 50mm lens
right : kit 18-55mm lens


personally, I don’t see a HUUUUGE improvement in sharpness, I’m not even sure to see any difference (except the luminosity).
I won’t bother buying prime lens for each cameras, I’ll stick to the 18-55mm kit lens.

Now to really asses the difference I did 20 pics, each time I was switching with the kit lens and the prime lens.
So basically I have 2 times the same pictures taken with each lens.
While doing this I realised that the 50mm prime lens has a much longer minimal focusing distance that the kit lens set a 50mm, this is quite bothering because you can’t make the head fill the whole field of view and thus loosing information for the reconstruction.


First thing I noticed : dense cloud calculation of the kit lens’s pictures was faster

And here are the results, left kit lens, right prime lens :

Conclusion :

It’s subtle, but there is less noise in the non well lit area (or over lit area), look at the nose for the first comparaison.
I was expecting a MUCH higher gain of quality with a prime lens.
However when the cameras will be integrated into the scanner the whole lighting will be controlled, thus there is no need for a prime lens.

Download original images, clic here

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